Thursday, August 07, 2008


Observation from a young female professional (me):

It doesn't matter where you go or who you work for "they" will always shit on strong, female leaders. "They" will go out of their way to be unappreciative of leadership in the form of kind, generous, supportive mentoring.

"They" will always work like a pack of lions to bring down a single prey. "They" will be triumphant when it happens and work to spread negative rumors about that strong female leader and "their" perception of her inabilities even though she was more than able.

The worst part of all this? The "they" is most often female, too.

And sociologists are wondering why "feminism" and "female empowerment" is dying and droves of young women are fleeing from the workplace. Maybe it's the rampant sabotage attitudes and methods, the jealousy, the heartless competition and weak insecurities.

Now, because of "them", I have lost yet another amazing professional female mentor who had the potential to aid me in my professional growth and whom I want to model my professional career after. Now, because of "them", I have lost another piece of my professional spirit and drive to be more. And, now, I will say (very unprofessionally): FUCK "THEM"!

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yllwdaisies said...

As I read down, I was thinking in my head that they are sometimes one of us (female). Then, you said it!

That sucks.