Monday, August 11, 2008


Oh, Orchestra, how I love thee! The primary reason we went to the orchestra on Friday was because I knew I would love to hear Dvorak's "New World Symphony" and I definitely wasn't disappointed! They were amazing! The piece is amazing! Listening to it under the stars and sharing the experience with Urban Cowboy was amazing!

I also ran day 3 of week 6 for my C25K program and I felt great after it was done. I had to run for 25 min. with no breaks and I'm pretty stoked I was able to do it! On Saturday we participated in a fund raiser for my nephew's cross country team (the money they raise helps deflect some of the "pay-to-play" costs). We had to predict how long it would take us to walk or run 2 miles. I predicted 24 min. and planned to speed walk most of it. Urban Cowboy predicted 12:15 min. and he planned to run all of it. Well, I wasn't close to my time at all! I finished in 27:57 min. and I am pretty disappointed. I thought for sure I'd be able to walk a 12 min. mile. Oh well. Urban Cowboy was 19 sec. off his predicted time coming in at 11:56 min. The best part? He didn't know the course and was the leader for all but the last 100-ish feet so he had to slow down and look behind him for the others to shout route directions to him! Hahaha - it wasn't a race, though, so the cross country team was using it as a pace exercise and he knows a few of them could have really given him a run for his money. Regardless, he ran 2 miles in 11:56 sec. on a very hilly course and that kicks ass. That's right - my man kicks ass! (heehee)

We joined our friends for a birthday dinner Saturday night and I finally had the famous FF beet salad. Boy, it was worth the wait! Yummy! That wasn't even the best part! I had the beet salad and followed it with an herbed gnocci with braised rabbit. Damn, that was one good dinner.

Our friend Dizi told us he and his wife are expecting a baby! The little Diz is due in March. I certainly wish them the best of luck and a healthy, happy 9 months! They've had a whirlwind realtionship, that's for sure. They only knew each other for, like, 8 weeks when they got married and now they're expecting (yes, it was planned!). I'm sure it's all so exciting for them!

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