Monday, June 30, 2008

Why I didn't clean for company...

Last Sunday my bio-dad, step-mom, and my sisters and their families were at our house for dinner. Our original plan was to have the food and fun outside in the lawn and on the back patio but Mother Nature had a different idea so we moved the event indoors. Consequently, this was my train of thought while preparing for their arrival:

11 total guests +
3 adolescent boys +
2 boys ages 6 & 7 +
2 adult smokers requiring time out in the rain+
muddy shoes =

Cleaning attemps rendered futile

Yep, I had a house full of people and I only minimally cleaned because I knew they would create a huge mess during their visit. It's not their fault it was rainy and muddy. Plus, the younger boys just aren't very good at keeping themselves or their environment clean. They're kids, how can they help it? When all was said and done we had 2 mud-covered floors at both entrances to our house, chocolate brownie finger prints on the wall leading to the family room, dirty hand prints on the back porch wall, chocolate brownie all over the floor in kitchen, empty pop cans littered about, and lots & lots of dirty dishes.

The best part? I didn't care how dirty the house was when they left because it was so fun to have them over and visit with them! It was a night filled with laughter and jokes and card playing and even some serious talk and I loved every minute!

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