Monday, June 30, 2008

Staycation Adventures

Ah, I'm back at work today after 10 whole days off. One of the perks of my job is the amount of vacation time I am eligible to receive. As a full-time, salaried employee I receive the following: 20 paid days vacation, 1 week paid between Christmas & New Year's, the day before & after Thanksgiving, Good Friday, plus all other standard holidays like MLK Jr., 4th of July, etc. It's crazy how much time we're able to take off and how much time the college grants us for holidays.

Generally speaking, I'm a bit of a vacation squirell. I'm always worried to take it because I am afraid I'll run out or that it won't be "worth it" to take the day off. When I left my job at the conservatory, they had to pay me for 17 unused vacation days and that was after I had taken at least 10 days in my last month working there! Also, I tend to schedule my time off to include the weekend days and end up not using as much vacation time because of that - like, I'll take off Thurs, Fri, and Monday so I'll still have 5 days off it just won't all be vacation time. Well, at this job, if you don't use your 20 vacation days each year you lose them. Yep, they don't pay them out and they don't roll over. That's why I had to take last week off. I've never taken a whole work week off before this (although, last summer I did have 7 weeks off due to grad school ending and not starting my new job for a bit) and I was concerned I would be bored and want to come back to work sooner. Haha - what was I thinking?

I had a great staycation! I did relaxing things like: read a book (Water for Elephants), weeded my flowerbeds (relaxing for me), went to the zoo, went shopping for random things, slept in, tried to convince Urban Cowboy to call off from work, etc. I even started a new workout program! Overall, I did a lot of nothing that was important to anyone but me and it was FAB-U-LOUS!

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