Wednesday, March 05, 2008

There "Snow" Business Like "Snow" Business

- The next time I go to bed wishing for a snow day I am going to be a lot more specific about who, exactly, in included in the snow day fun. Last night I went to bed and my last 10 thoughts were: I really wish for a snow day, please let the college be closed tomorrow. This morning I woke up and, lo and behold, my wish was granted! Sort-of. Apparently, the lives of the students and faculty are more valuable than us lowly staff because students/faculty did not have to report to campus but I did. I did come in late, though. I'm not a "snow baby" and I do fine driving in inclement weather but last night my drive home was 100% ice and very slow going. I was not looking forward to that today so when my boss gave me the option to not come in or to come in late I played the weather card and snatched up the opportunity to come in late. I would not have come in at all if it weren't for the fact that both she and the assistant director have a much longer commute than I and they were definitely going to be at work. (SIGH) Maybe next year I'll get lucky and get a real snow day.

- So, still on the topic of weather, I always tell people that I love winter (and I do!) but that once my birthday is past it's time for snow to pack it's bags and head on out! Now, it's a week past my birthday and I'm so ready for signs of spring. Today is my bio-dad's birthday, he's exactly 30 years (minus 7 days) older than me. Normally, his birthday would have been yesterday but, you know, the Leap Year messes with the calendar a bit. On Friday, Urban Cowboy and I leave for warm, sunny Florida to visit with my bio-dad and step-mom. It should be a fun time. I'm looking foward to going to Walt Disney World and Urban Cowboy is looking forward to seeing a baseball game in Winter Haven (spring training, yo!).

- Regarding the weather, I realized yesterday that I'm going to be in Florida - which equals flip-flops/sandals - in a few days and my feet look terrible. Ok, not totally terrible but they definitely look like they've spent the past 5 months stuck in socks and close-toed shoes! I'm planning to get a last-minute pedicure tomorrow after work. Yea! I think I'll get a really bright colored polish, too. (Ok, that's probably not true - I always think I'm going to do that but then I get to the place and I look at all the colors and I narrow it down to three and I always end up picking the tamest one! I'm boring!)

- And, finally, I have a dress I bought the week after Christmas that I can't wait to wear but it's definitely a 3 season dress and winter is not one of the seasons it's appropriate for! I'm really hoping to wear it for Easter Sunday but with Easter being so early this year, I'm doubtful. My final thought for today's post, or maybe it's actually a request, is: THINK SPRING!

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