Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Just in Time

Well, folks, Urban Cowboy and I left for Florida (FL) on Friday morning a mere 1/2 hour before they began shutting the airport down due to the Winter Storm of 2008. We were very lucky! If we hadn't gotten out on our flight, we would not have left until Sunday morning! Eegats! We were pretty excited to have beat the weather because, from what we heard, it got pretty bad. So, while many of our family and friends were struggling with unburying themselves from mounds of snow, we were soaking up the sun and warmth of central FL. (SIGH) I thought going to FL would give me a "spring fix" and I would be good for awhile but, I have to tell you, I think our trip has made my desire for spring even greater!! Returning to cold, grey weather with snow everywhere is a bit depressing, for sure.
What did we do when we were in FL?
We visited with my bio-dad and step-mom and celebrated my birthday and bio-dad's birthday (it's only 7 days after mine in a non-Leap year). We also finished giving them their Christmas present because part of their present wasn't in when they were visiting in December.
We went to an Indians Spring Training game and it was super fun! First, the stadium is super small and the spectators are very close to the players. Second, it was 67* and sunny so we were wearing flip-flops and sunglasses! Woot! Third, the game was pretty good and the Indians won 9-6. Urban Cowboy really likes baseball (especially live) and he had a great time! I was having a good time, too, but it was even better because Urban Cowboy was enjoying himself so much!
Walt Disney World has been calling my name (like Bali Hai) for the past 2 years and so we had to go visit my favorite attractions. Seriously, some things are so great that they just never get old! We went to Animal Kingdom and rode the new roller coaster-like ride, called Everest, which was pretty surprising! At one point ... ah, well, I don't want to spoil it for anybody so I'll just tell you it was a really good ride and you should check it out whenever you're at Walt Disney World next. Of course, while at Animal Kingdom, I had to go on the Kilamjaro Safari Ride because I love to see the animals. All the animals were active, minus the lions (because it was they're nap time), and we got a pretty good look at the giraffes and elephants. I hope the pictures turn out ok. After Animal Kingdom we went to Epcot which is always a fun time. We ended the day there because it's been a long time since I had seen the nighttime show (usually we go to Fantasmic!) which was not as good as I hoped but it was still nice. Urban Cowboy likes to play with the camera settings and he got some great pictures of the fireworks. The next day we were lazy in the morning and went to Disney Hollywood Studios (formerly Disney-MGM) in the afternoon to ride the Rockin' Roller Coaster (Aerosmith theme) and the Tower of Terror. I love the Tower of Terror with Urban Cowboy because his face is always the same (like a scream face) and it is Hil-Ar-I-Ous! We went on Tower of Terror twice. Oh, and, heehee, I made the boys (step-mom was working) go to the Beauty & the Beast show. It had been, like, 10-12 years since I seen the show so I was curious to see if it was different or improved. It wasn't different but it was still good!
When we got home we had to dig our driveway & walks out from under all the snow. Urban Cowboy borrowed our neighbors snow blower while I shoveled the front & back walks. When we got done with the hard work we decided to stay out and build a snowman. It was fun to do that (when's the last time you built a snowman?) and our snowman turned out super cute! We took pictures so, if I am ambitious, you might get to see pics soon.
Ah, yes, we were sad to leave behind the sun & warmth but oh-so-happy to be back at home!

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