Friday, February 29, 2008

French Bread - it's complicated

I have been dying to learn to make homemade bread for sometime now. My major obstacles have been remembering to purchase yeast and unbleached flour when I'm at the grocery store. I read a few food blogs just to see what other people are cooking and eating and today I read a blog that linked to this blog, The Sour Dough. The most recent entry is all about how to make French Bread at home. Now, who doesn't love French Bread? The crust is so crispy and chewy but the inside is so light and airy? It's a pefect combination. As such, I was incredibly interested in how to make my own French Bread so I read the entire post (it's long!). Guess what I learned by the end of that post? Yep, I learned that I will be a much happier person if I simply go to the local bakery/grocery store/Panera and purchase French Bread whenever I need or want it. I don't think I have the patience, skill, or desire to actually make my own knowing that for a few dollars I can get really yummy French Bread that somebody else had the patience, skill, and desire to bake for me! I do intend to learn to make my own bread but I'm going to stick to learning a basic loaf for making sandwiches or toast before I move on to fancier varieties.

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