Wednesday, February 27, 2008

They say it's your birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday! Yep, I'm officially another year older. I don't think I'm any wiser this year, though. I am about 10 lbs. lighter this year than I was last! YEA! Now, I just need to keep working on getting rid of 5 more lbs. and I'll be 100% content with my adult weight. Maintaining that weight might be a whole different story but I guess I'll have to let you know where I stand next year. Are you wondering if I had a nice birthday? I did! It was a great day! Well, minus the waking up part because the first words out of Urban Cowboy's mouth were "...blah, blah, blah LICENSE BUREAU blah, blah, blah...". So, I got up way earlier than I wanted to so I could make my husband stop yapping to me about potential tickets and I went to the license bureau on the way to work. Once at work, though, my day brightened considerably! I walked into my office and saw the beautiful and giant bouquet of flowers my mom had delivered to me in honor of my special day. The flowers are stunning. They're also very cheerful and remind me of spring. She's a great mom. Also, my lovely co-workers gave me a very nice card wishing me Happy Birthday and my friend (and co-worker), B-CS, also took me out to lunch. It was a very nice lunch and incredibly generous of her to do such a nice thing for me. Lots of people called me or emailed me with happy birthday wishes and I appreciate all their warm thoughts. My friend, E, mailed me a really funny card "welcoming me to the club" that I certainly appreciate. Don't worry, E's Man, we'll be waiting for you with open arms! What else? Well, when I got home from work Urban Cowboy and I decided to get take out for dinner and while he was out picking it up L came over with a present for me AND a birthday cake! I love cake! What a yummy treat! It even had my name on it! Guess what she gave me? New fancy Tupperware cups with lids (I've lost a few of mine over the years) and a new can opener (long story). Guess what Urban Cowboy gave me? Ready? He gave me a gift certificate to a spa for a massage and an additional spa treatment of my choice! WOW!! I'm so excited! Now, I just have to decide when would be a good time to schedule my spa day! YIPEE! I've never had a massage before so I'm am out-of-my-mind with excitement for how nice it's going to be (at least, from what I've heard!). I am so lucky that Urban Cowboy is such a good man and loves me so much. (SIGH) Actually, his love is the best present I could ever receive for any occasion.

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