Monday, February 25, 2008

Weekend Recap

This weekend was so great!
- It started on Friday night with a trip to the Tobogganing Ice Shoots with Urban Cowboy and Yllwdaisies. We walked up the stairs (so ... many ... stairs) 5 times and I helped Urban Cowboy carry the toboggan the 1st 3 times we walked up. The last 2, well, let's just say I was tired and my arms felt like they would fall off if I carried it anymore. We go so fast down the hill and it's so exciting! I loved being out in the cold and breathing in the fresh, pine-scented air (ok, I don't know if the air was really pine-scented but there were pine trees nearby and I've been readin a lot of very descriptive historical lit lately). It is a perfect wintertime activity! Next up, ice skating (we have a coupon -haha)! After toboganning we went to our friend's coffeeshop and I drank a delicious Chai Latte (skim). Mmmm, yummy.
- Saturday I did something crazy. Well, crazy for me. I got my hair cut. I did not get my hair trimmed, either. I mean, I really got it cut! It hasn't been this short since I was in the 5th grade. I only cried a little bit (well, in public at least) and having short hair makes me sad but it was time and after dealing with the crappy haircut of Oct. 06 - something had to be done. L wanted me to get it cut even shorter but I said, "No, L, I think 3.5 inches is quite enough, thank you." She got her hair cut, too, and it's a lot shorter than it's been recently. Looks super-cute! She always worries that she looks like Thelma ('cuz her hair is sort-of in a bob do) and I always worry that I look like a poodle. Hey, we all have our issues. Know what else I did, hair-related? I bought my 1st blow dryer! Yep, kids, I'm coming up on my 2nd 29th birthday and I finally own a blow-dryer. It's ionic which means it's supposed to not make my hair frizzy (something all us curly hair girls deal with) and it seems to work for the most part. Unfortunately, the hair dryer is a ridiculous shade of barbie doll pink but it was on clearance (possibly because of the ugly color?) so I decided if it lives in my cupboard the color is really unimportant.
- Saturday night we went out to my sister's (KK) to visit and to celebrate my brother-in-law's birthday. His birthday is 2/22. We had a great time! My other sister (KS) and brother-in-law met us out and so did my cousin and her husband. We drank a lot (but not so much to get drunk, you know) and enjoyed good company and good times. We spent lots of money on the bar tab, I even did a shot, and we stayed out late and I really hope my brother-in-law had a great time because, you know, it was his birthday celebration!
- Sunday morning we went to church with my sister (KS) because one of my nephew's was making his debut as an altar-server. (Is this what they're called? I'm not Catholic) As far as I can tell, he did a great job! He did seem pretty nervous at first, though, and my heart went out to him. My sister was so proud of him. You could really see it in her eyes. It was nice to go to church with family. I love my church and, of course, I love that Urban Cowboy and I have friends there but, sometimes, it's extra special when you share it with family. At least, it is for me.
- This week is a big cleaning week because we're having lots (hopefully) of people over on Saturday for my 1st 29th Birthday Celebration (thanks to Yllwdaisies for helping with this party title)! I hope we all have a good time! I'm sure we will. I'm pretty excited because in addition to many of my friends coming, my sisters and nephews are going to be there, too, and my parents will stop by for a while (they don't like to stay at our parties too long because they feel old - haha). I can't wait because I know we'll have so much fun! YEA!!

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yllwdaisies (aka "D") said...

1- I think you're hair looks really cute. Like, so cute, you look about 23 yrs old!

2- I love my ionic dryer. Do you have a diffuser. B/c we need the diffuser.

3- I am SO excited about your celebration tomorrow night!! I have no idea what I'm gonna wear though.