Friday, February 01, 2008

Addendum to Yesterday

WHOA! I re-read my post from yesterday and realized I told you I want to repaint the family room when, really, what I meant to say is I want to repaint the family room bathroom. This is an important distinction for several reasons: 1) the family room is huge so it's a lot of work to completely repaint it, 2) I love the way the family room looks now (minus the lack of new furniture and proper ceiling moulding), 3) Urban Cowboy would have a heart attack if I announced to him that I wanted to re-do the family room. So, all that said, my goal is the bathroom - it's much more manageable.

A follow-up to Urban Cowboy's family issue...last night he told me he is going to his parents on Saturday for his "obligatory weekly visit" and that he's only staying for 20 min. because his dad told him to "just come over for 20 min and then leave". Well, I know he will stay for a lot longer than 20 min. but I really feel bad for him and his parents because what fun is it for any of them to know that he's not there because he freely wants to be there? Is it enjoyable for anyone to know that he's there because he's being forced to visit with them? When I think of his family's ability to so effectively guilt trip him I look at it as both scary and impressive. I hope I do not use guilt as a weapon against him because I don't think it's a very fair way to persuade a person to do something or feel a certain way.

Oh, and NOT related to yesterday's post...Last night we went to our very good friend's (Dizi) new bar opening. I'm not entirely sure but I think he's part owner or will be after a set amount of time and dependent upon the success of the establishment. It was a fun time. The place was packed, the live band was pretty decent, the prices reasonable, and lots of people we know were there. Dizi even ordered Mike's Hard Lime specifically for me to drink when I come up to hang with him! YEA! I'm pretty sure the place is going to be one of our regular bars. It's a bit farther than we normally drive but we love Dizi and want to support him so we'll suck it up. Plus, our usual regular place has just not been the same lately and we've been looking for something new.

While we were out we ran into our other good friends and they just had their baby girl! This is a complete shock because 1) she delivered 5 weeks early and 2) none of our other friends bothered to call/email/text/myspace to tell us the baby had been born! I feel horrible that we didn't know because now the baby is 6 weeks old and we've not yet met her. I think we're planning to go over one night next week with some food and a small gift to welcome her to the world (albeit, belatedly). Oh, they named their baby girl Poppy - how freaking cute is that!? Last night was their first night out away from her and they were anxious to get back home - it was adorable to see them like that. So, Congrats to Poppy's parents!

ONE MORE THING! I took my first, ever spinning class last night. I was the oldest person in the class by about 8-10 years and I kicked some of those girls asses! Whew! Oh, and then later, the class kicked my ass. I'm not a natural-born cyclist so the class was difficult for me on a few levels. Today, the day after, it is proving to be difficult for me because I'm sore in places I didn't know I could be sore in. Well, I know I could be sore in these areas but usually it's for a much better reason than a kick-my-ass workout! (wink, wink) I actually can't wait to go back because it was awesome cardio and I really feel like it was a great work-out for my hams, quads, glute, and biceps/triceps/forearms. Definitely worth it to keep going back.

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