Thursday, January 31, 2008

And...we're off!

Yesterday I participated in my first, ever Webinar. Cool, right? I mean it's like a real seminar but it's on the web and I never had to leave my office. Well, in the middle of the Webinar, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed something moving. I look over to the source of the movement and it's a G-I-A-N-T (read: I really have no concept of actual size because I was freaked out) SPIDER was crawling up my office wall. It was green and had some weird antennae (read: I really have no concept of much more than color 'cause I didn't hang around to examine it) and it was crawling only 2.5 feet away from me! So, I reacted exactly as any self-respecting, professional woman would ... I rushed out of my office, ran over to the only male in our department and frantically asked him to save me from the big, bad spider! He did and now I think I owe him a plate of cookies.

Recently, I've discovered I enjoy Chai Lattes (skim, of course, and no whip). This is not a good discovery because they're not cheap and I feel guilty buying such an expensive treat on a regular basis. I have cured my habit on-campus, at least, by trying the campus coffee shop's attempt at a Chai Latte. I gave them 2 tries and they got it wrong both times so I've officially given up. Now, I will just have to learn to make my own and then I can drink it at home.

Urban Cowboy is experiencing some family dissonance due to their communication style. The issue is, they don't communicate until it's too late and by the time they get around to communicating - whatever it is they wanted to communicate is done so in a negative and dramatic way. It's unfortunate. I think Urban Cowboy has tendencies toward this but because I don't operate well under those circumstances he sort-of adjusts to accomodate me. I'm trying to learn to adjust my communication style to accomodate him, too. We're trying to meet in the middle. Anyway, the point being this: this morning his dad called and basically bitched at him for "hurting" his mom's feelings by not coming around to the house in the past 2 weeks and for missing family events. Urban Cowboy did not like receiving this call because it made him feel like a 16 year old boy. I did not like him receiving this call because 1) there are many people in this world who do not see their parents every week (or even every month or year) and they have great relationships and 2) no one in his family ever calls him to invite him to family events. I guess they just expect him to show up on the right day at the right time to be there and when that doesn't happen they get mad at him for being absent. Also, I don't understand why they put all the responsibility of communicating on him. His dad only calls him when there's a problem (usually, his mom's feelings are hurt), his mom never calls him, his brothers don't call him but will talk to him when he calls them. How unfair is this situation for him?

I have a new ridiculous house goal. I want to have the family room basement completely repainted (including moulding - which has already been tore down for this purpose) by March 1. Tomorrow is February 1. Yep, I'm giving us 29 days and we both work full-time and enjoy a healthy social life. BWAHAHAHA! Don't worry, I'm pretty confident I can get it done but Urban Cowboy's not too happy with the deadline. We'll work it out.

More updates to come - work has been insanely busy the past 2 weeks and by the time I get home I'm just ready to plop on the couch and do nothing for awhile which leads me right into bedtime. That's why I had to give myself a deadline for the bathroom project, so I would get up off my lazy arse and be productive!

LENTEN GOAL: I'm telling y'all so I can be kept accountable...To spend at least 1 half-hour a day doing some kind of exercise activity (e.g pilates, speed walking, swimming, aerobics, etc). (SIGH)

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