Wednesday, January 02, 2008

It's 2008!

Folks, I cannot tell you how happy I am that Christmas is over. Here is a list of reasons I'm relieved to see the end of the holiday season: 1) I can take down the Christmas tree and window lights, 2) one ham-eating extravaganza down, one to go 3) November and December obligatory visits are complete, 4) family politics stress is reduced, and, last but not least, 5) my incredibly high anxiety levels will subside and I will be able to enjoy life again! So (raises imaginary glass), Cheers to a Happy & Healthy 2008 filled with Much Love and Joy! Huzzah!

6 days until the 2 hour season premier of One Tree Hill! YEA!

New Year's Eve was a blast for me this year ... my 2nd best New Year's Eve EVER! We went out with our new friends, known in my head as Dannon, to a hibachi place. I had never been to a hibachi restraunt before and it was very exciting to see them twirl the knives and spatulas around. They really put on a great performance as they cooked our food! The food was so yummy, too! I ate some of the best Yellowfin Tuna I've ever had! While we were eating a live band was playing in the backround and everyone seemed so happy and free. It was a great atmmosphere. After we ate and the band packed up a DJ came and took us into the New Year. I danced as much as I could in the shoes I was wearing but my feet started to hurt and I did have to sit out a few songs to recover. One of the highlights of the night was my dress! It was originally $120 but I found it on clearance at Macy's and the clerk only charged me $15! Awesome, right. Unfortunately, Urban Cowboy didn't get a picture of us full-length and so only those who were there with me know how fabulous the dress is in all it's glory. Dannon looked great, too! They are so fun to hang out with! After we left the hibachi place we went back to Dannon's house and played Eucher until 4a! It was a long night and we were very tired yesterday but it was so worth it! (raises imaginary glass again) Cheers to new friends and new years! Huzzah!

Our fun couple friends are dropping like flies these days! Urban Cowboy talked to one of his good friends, our Cinci-Tucky couple friends, and they announced that they are expecting a baby. Congrats to them - they just got married at the end of September and now they're expecting a new addition to their family... we live in whirlwind lives, indeed! We certainly are happy for them and wish them much happiness. It will be fun to meet their little one when it's time. One of our other couple friends recently confided in me that they're not really trying to avoid any more so maybe they'll have an announcement in the next couple of months. Shall I raise a glass to pregnant women in my lives? Nah, I'll wait until their done breastfeeding so they can raise a glass with me. (wink, wink)

Question: If you were giving a person a hug, would you find it rude/inconsiderate if said hug was blocked by intended recipient? Keep in mind, the person you are trying to give the hug to has given multiple verbal/non-verbal cues to not hug them and your hug was totally fake in the first place. Discuss amongst yourselves and let me know your thoughts on the topic...

In conclusion, here are a few of my favorite moments from 2007:
1) getting married (and all the super-fun stuff that went with it like the bridal showers, bachelorette party, spending time with awesome family, seeing old friends, etc.)
2) travelling to Italy & Napa Valley (two major trips within 6 months, yea!)
3) graduating with my M.Ed. and securing full-time, gainful employment with benefits, vacation, & cool perks
4) our housewarming party and every other party I attended or hosted in 2007!
5) the day after Christmas with Urban Cowboy - we started our own family tradition
6) New Year's Eve 2007

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