Wednesday, January 09, 2008

OTH is back!

Last night was the 2 hour season premier of One Tree Hill (OTH).
My OTH-themed super didn't exactly turn out the way I had mentally pictured it but that was because I was a poor planner. :-( Don't get me wrong, dinner was yummy but I didn't make the exact menu I had hoped for and I didn't do any fun, themed, table decorations like I orignally wanted.
I'm not going to bore you with the details of what happened on the show, if you want the episode synopsis you can go the CW tv website. I will, however, bore you with the details of how much I enjoyed watching OTH and how exciting it is to know that in less than 1 week I will get to watch the next episode! So, first things first: I am really happy that they chose to skip over the college years and fast forward straight to life after college. What are they doing now, you wonder? Brooke is super-successful (not that we would expect anything less) but, as always, is searching for emotional security. Peyton has tried to make it in the music production industry without letting go of her ideals but is still disallusioned by the realities of that cut-throat business. By the end of episode 2, Brooke and Peyton had both decided to move back to Tree Hill - Brooke is moving her business headquarters to Tree Hill and she's investing in Peyton's new record label. Lucas' novel (he wrote it during high school) was published while he was in college and he is under a lot of pressure to write another book. He doesn't seem inspired to write much, though, until Peyton makes her unexpected return to Tree Hill. His editor is also his girlfriend. Oh, and Lucas is co-coaching the Ravens with Skillz. Nathan was injured in a stupid bar fight and can't play basketball anymore. He's struggling to let go of the basketball dream and feeling very sorry for himself which is causing a lot of grief for Haley and his son, Jamie. Speaking of Haley, she's a teacher at Tree Hill High now. The students don't respect her for the first few episodes but we'll see how that goes as she gets more comfortable in the classroom. Mouth is working toward a sports caster career but he's running into some image problems (he doesn't have the right image for tv). The adults seem to be absent for now and Lucas' mom, Karen, is seemingly globe trotting with his little sister in tow. Deb's absence from the 1st two episodes was glaringly obvious and I hope they bring her back because her character is both scandalous and, strangely, grounding. Nathan and Lucas referenced Dan as being in jail so, apparently, he did not succeed in killing himself as we were led to believe in the final episode of last season. Maybe Dan will again be the arch-villian of Tree Hill? Possibly, he could break out of prison or they could let him out on parole. I'll be watching that storyline very closely. Overall, the first 2 episodes were a great way to get back into the lives of our favorite OTH characters and were a great beginning to new stories.
I taped both episodes (we don't have DVR, people - get over it) so I intend to re-watch them over the weekend to make sure I didn't miss anything. Oh, who am I kidding? I'm going to re-watch them because I'm that big of a dorky fan and I can't wait until next Tuesday to get my OTH fix. :-)

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