Friday, December 14, 2007

One Tree Hill Fans - UNITE

I am so excited because I decided to make a real event of the season premier of One Tree Hill and by doing so I'm planning a theme dinner in One Tree Hill's honor. I was on-line looking for ideas and asked one of the discussion boards I frequent for any ideas they might have for One Tree Hill inspired's what they came up with:
"Brooke Yourself " Brownies (maybe with extra chocolate chunks so they're really decadent!)
"Mouth-watering" ________ (anything you want - you know because Lucas and Nathan are both HOTT)
"Whitey" Chicken Chili
"Raven Fingers" (chicken fingers)
Sloppy "Clothes over Bro's" Joes
My Mom's on Crack" Dip (in honor of Deb Scott's previous drug addiction)

Chips with "Hotter than the Hell Dan's going to Salsa"
These ideas totally rock! My favorites are the Sloppy Joes, the dip, and the brownies! Of course, Raven Fingers is a real good one, too! YEA! I can't wait to cook this dinner and watch my favorite show!!!

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