Friday, January 11, 2008

Daily Habits?

Today (and it's still early) I was asked how many times a day I burp. Isn't that a strange question? I don't think it's strange they asked because, honestly, I ask a lot of strange questions on a regular basis. Just the other day I asked Urban Cowboy a strange question about his recently acquired beard trimmer. No, it's strange because it's not something you really think about. I mean, how many people go to bed at night and, just as they're falling asleep, think "Gee, I burped 3 times today." Consequently, I had to take a moment and review an average day to determine the answer. I don't burp everyday. I wonder it that's strange. When I still drank soda, I burped a lot every day and it was probably due to the quanity of carbonation I was consuming. Since we've cut soda from our lives (my primary beverage is water), I burp when I drink Mike's Hard Lime but since I don't drink that daily I don't necessarily burp daily. Of course, there are times when I'm incredibly thirsty and I drink a glass of water super fast or down a glass a milk and then I burp after but it's not an everyday thing. As strange as the question was, it was interesting to examine my daily life within that context. So, how many times a day do you burp?

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yllwdaisies said...

You DO ask weird questions. And I have no idea how many times. I don't think I burp everyday. But I agree w/ you in that it prob has to do w/ if you take in the food/water quickly.