Monday, December 03, 2007

Baby Names - According to our Local Newspaper source

Today, our local newspaper posted a link to Census data regarding most popular names in our state, according to records of babies born in the past year. This is the link: I was very happy to see that my top name for a girl was not even used once since the collection and posting of this data. I was a bit dismayed, though, to see Urban Cowboy's name was listed! Of course, only 2 babies born in the past year were named with his first name but I was still a bit shocked. It's shocking because his name is a very traditional Ukrainian name and not too many American kids have it. His nieces names are pretty popular, though, and Emma is the number one most popular name in our state for baby girls. Whoa! Imagine that kid's kindergarten class, it'll be like when I was a kid and had 7 friends named Jenny and another 7 named Christy (or some derivitive of Christine). When I was in high school there was a girl who all our lives went by Kristy but by the end of our senior year had managed to alter the spelling so it was something more like Krysti. When I was in high school I didn't know much about the stripper scene but, looking back, I'd have to say that her updated spelling (Krysti) is pretty stripper-esque. Like, Brandi with an I instead of a y. Very stripper - too close to Bambi. Anyhoo, this Krysti always dotted all her eyes with super puffy hearts when she wrote a note or an assignment, too. I was never into that style. Now, she has, like 3 kids and a husband. So many people I graduated with are married and have kids, or just have kids. I guess I'm slow or late to the game or something but I'm ok with that. I mean, how many people I graduated with have a master's degree? I'd be interested in that statistic. :-)

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