Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Oh my, Ms. Crankypants

My last post was really cranky, I apologize. I have no idea why I was feeling so snarly that day but I am much better now. I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving with their families. And, those of you in England, I hope you had a nice Nov. 22 since the UK isn't really known for celebrating American holidays. heehee Our Thanksgiving was uneventful which is always a nice thing in a good way. Due to the current status of my relationship with Urban Cowboy's family, I did not go to his parents for dessert on Thanksgiving like I have done for the past 3 years. I know, I'm a total coward and my decision to not go over there is going to come back to haunt me and I will somehow be punished for not being capable of turning the other cheek as I know I should. That said, I felt wonderfully relieved to not have to see them and my heart was surprisingly light even though I felt as though I should have been feeling some kind of guilt.

One thing I have been sad about, lately, is the fact I've only seen Urban Cowboy's newest niece once since she's been born. It's crazy because she lives across the street from us! But I haven't been invited to go over to see her and I am not very good at inviting myself over to people's houses. Except for L's house, of course, or my family's houses. I keep wondering if Book's sis-in-law is sitting across the street wondering why I haven't been over to see Emma because maybe she just expects me to knock on her door? I have no idea how to even approach the situation. I mean, it seems awfully forward of me to ask her outright about it considering she could just not want me to come over to spend time with Emma so that's why she hasn't invited me. I don't know how to interact with Urban Cowboy's family because now that he and I are married they all seem so different than they used to be. Another question: do I seem different to them now that we're married?

Urban Cowboy and I accidentally got some Christmas shopping done over the weekend. I say accidentally because we went to Target for a house-related item and ended up leaving with a few toys for my two youngest nephews. Since we were out we wandered to Kohl's to see their sale and left with some parents gifts and then since we were on a roll we went to the mall and purchased gifts for the student employees in my office (on the company's dime, of course). Usually, by Thanksgiving I'm practically done with all my Christmas shopping but we've been busy and I haven't been feeling the holiday spirit this year so we have a late start. No, late for me but really early for Urban Cowboy. hahaha

I'm pretty excited about the homemade gifts I'm making this year. I hope they turn out the way I want them so I can confidently give them to the intended recipients! Wish me luck!

My friend must be making a homemade gift for me too because she asked me to send her a few of my favorite pictures from the honeymoon. I hope by a few she really meant 20+ because I couldn't decide on just a few and ended up sending 35! At least she has variety to choose from! :-) heehee

I hope everyone had a wonderful, grateful, blessed Thanksgiving holiday! Until next time...

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