Monday, November 19, 2007

Children Bring Sweetness to Life

The title of this post was a caption on a pic of baby from one of those baby-taking picture places. I'm only commenting on it because I feel it's an over-generalized, blanket statement. If a parent sends it out, I think it should read "This Child Brings Sweetness to Our Lives". I'm just saying that other people's kids do not always bring sweetness to life: for example, the constantly screaming child I was subjected to for a 4.5 hour plane ride on the way home from California or someone's crying child sitting a table next to me in a nice restaurant. I'm not saying I hate kids or that I'm anti-kid (I love, Love, LOVE my nephews) ... I'm just saying that it's presumptious of parents to assume that their child enriches other people's lives merely because it enriches their lives and I'm sick of it. If I ever become a parent, I hope I'm the kind of parent that remembers to not assume that everyone wants a kid and to remember that not everyone is going to go ga-ga for my kid.

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