Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Modern Conveniences

When L and I were living together we had a dishwasher that you had to roll across the kitchen, hook up the faucet with a hose, and then stay around to be there when the cycle had run so you could turn the water off. Initially, I was anti-dishwasher and we only used it a few times, like, when there were a lot of dishes. Then, one time we were using it (maybe after a party?) and it broke! So, there we were without a dishwasher and with a landlord who didn't care; consequently, we started using it for tupperware storage. Finally, L and I realized that our busy lifestyles (I was in grad school and working 2 jobs, people!) and her serious dislike for doing the dishes necessitated the need to repair the dishwasher. My dad came over and fixed it for us (yes, we charged our landlord for the parts) and we began to use the dishwasher regularly. I have to admit, it took me about 1 week to really appreciate the convenience of having a dishwasher and I even made up a little song for when I would load it (sometimes I still sing it, even at our new house). The song is called "Ode to Dishwasher" but, I have to warn you, it's less of an ode and more of a ditty and it's in iambic pentameter (I think):
Oh, little dishwasher,
How I love thee.
You make cleaning up
So fun and easy.
Yep, I'm a silly dork. Why am I talking about dishwashers? Oh, yeah. So, the other day Urban Cowboy and I got a notice in the mail, from Maytag, alerting us to a recall of dishwashers and now I'm nervous that our dishwasher may be one of the recalled models. I have become very fond of the dishwasher and its function so I will be sad if I am without one for awhile. We would survive, though, and I know we're very fortunate to have so many modern conveniences available to us!

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