Friday, September 14, 2007

No room to complain

I have a really great life. I can't deny it. My husband is an amazing man (generous, sexy, caring, etc), I love my job, I live in a beautiful house in a great neighborhood, I am close with my family, my friends rock, I'm healthy - the list goes on. I wonder, now, how it is that I can still manage to find things to complain about? It seems that no matter how great things are going I still am not entirely satisfied. Is this the human condition?
Most recently, I've noticed my stress levels are through the roof the minute I step into my house. I know what it is about the house that bothers me. Yes, it's beautiful. Yes, I love living there. I hate the fact that it's not done. I hate that when I get home from work my first thought is what can I get done tonight and then I realize the answer is nothing or I am faced with only completing projects I deem insignificant. For example, we got our carept installed in the basement which is now the official family room. It's going to be the room we relax in and watch movies and work-out in and play playstation. I was so excited about this and it was a very high priority on my list but I am now stalled out because we don't own a vehicle big enough to transport the tv stand and tv to our house. So our beautiful room, my happy thoughts of lying on a couch and watching a movie, are on hold because we have to rely on someone else to help us get the room completed. It's extremely frustrating. What will I be doing tonight if not moving the tv stand and tv? Packing up our current tv area to make the statement that I will not tolerate continuing to watch tv on a hardwood floor buffered only by a stack of sleeping bags and pillows. OR I'll work on beginning to paint the downstairs bathroom. OR I'll do both dependant upon my motivation level. Wish me luck.

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