Wednesday, September 19, 2007


When L and I stopped living together I lost my movie connection. L was the one who had the Netflix subscription and she is the one who always chose the movies and was kind enough to share with me. Now, Urban Cowboy and I have our own Netflix account and ... it's really difficult to manage! You're probably thinking I'm crazy - you're thinking about all the wonderful things you've heard about Netflix, like: they have a gazillion movies from all different genres, they mail movies right your house and you keep them as long as you want, there are no overdue fines, and it's pretty reasonably priced. Ok, so what's my difficulty? Well, L always had a really long list of movies established and there was a steady stream of movies in and out of our house. I seem to have trouble choosing movies to put on the list! I can't even seem to pick out tv shows for the list. Currently, there are only 8 movies on our list! Maybe I'm concentrating to hard on trying to choose movies that I think Urban Cowboy and I will both enjoy. Maybe he needs to get on the site and pick out some movies for himself and then I'll pick out some movies for myself and our list will get longer. In the meantime, please recommend some movies or tv shows for me to put on our Netflix list!

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