Friday, August 24, 2007

I thought we were friends?

Last night Urban Cowboy, L, and I landed ourselves at our favorite bar around 10p. As usual, on a Thursday night with no special event downtown, it wasn't too busy and there were only about 20 people in the place. The three of us each got a drink and hung out on the patio with other friends. We were enjoying ourselves, engaging in great conversation, and drinking our third drinks when we were very rudely handed our checks by the bar back and told the bar was closing up. This was at about 11:00p. Several minutes after that one of the bartenders who is a good friend of Urban Cowboy's, came out to the patio to begin cleaning up and he was telling us to hurry up and drink up and to basically get out of his way so he could close the place. Um, HELLO, is this how you treat 1) friends and 2) paying customers? Then, the other bartender, who is an even better friend of Urban Cowboy's, came out to the patio to take away our chairs and the trash can! I barely had time to swallow my last sip before my bottle was torn from my hands! I have to say, considering this is our favorite place to hang out and considering how much money we spend there, I am not happy about how poorly we were treated last night. I think Urban Cowboy is even less happy than I am because 1) these guys are his good friends and have been for 10+ years and 2) he is one of the most devoted customers of this establishment! (SIGH) Obviously, customer service was not a priority last night nor was respecting friends!

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