Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My commute costs more than yours

According to Yahoo! Real Estate, Cleveland OH is one of the countries most expensive cities for commutes. Houston is ranked #1 and Cleveland #2 ... don't worry, another OH city is listed, too (Cincinnati). What irritates me most about news like this is its perpetuation of the image problems Cleveland already faces. Now, in addition to being one of the most heavily taxed regions (certainly, the county with the highest sales tax), rapidly declining population, poor school systems, and mediocre weather Cleveland now has to contend with the stigma of being one of the most expensive cities for daily commutes? Am I the only one frustrated by this constant bad press and, possibly, bad luck?
Let's look on the bright side - we're known as a region which is family friendly which has affordable housing.

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yllwdaisies said...

I think the reason Cleveland commuters may pay more for their commutes is b/c they don't necessarily live in the city. I paid more when I lived in a SW suburb (17 mins to downtown in non-peak; but 50+ mins in rush hour).

Now I live in Cleveland, & it costs me less (time & money) to commute.