Thursday, August 30, 2007


We went to a wedding down south last weekend. It was in Cincinnati and it really was a lovely event. The bride is gorgeous without the wedding attire but in it she was stunning. They are so in love and we so happy to share their day with family and friends! The reception was beautiful and our table had polka dots linen which was adorable! After dinner things got a bit wild. Let me give you several examples:
1) Our friend is a lawyer and these guys really know how to let loose when they're not at work. By the end of the night the groom, a groomsman, and several random guests had removed their shirts. The groom did keep his vest on, and the groomsman kept his tux jacket on (most of the time), and the other random guests were in their undershirts and ties. Yep.
2) One of the bridesmaids (who CLEARLY was in charge of choosing her own dress style) had a floor-length gown which she had tied up around her waist for most of the reception. There were times we could see her ass cheeks because it was tied up so high! This is the same girl who literally pushed me out of her way on the dance floor and who pushed Urban Cowboy out of her way at the after-party! Slutty and rude.
3) ** This is the best! ** One of our table mates, Wild Thing, sure did know how to live it up! During dinner he was totally mellow and talked about his kid and his job and whatever. Nothing too interesting, generally speaking. After the dancing began, though, this guy was his own party. During "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" Wild Thing pretended to hold a microphone for girls to sing into and the dj decided to actually give him a real microphone. The dj relinquished all control in that one moment because Wild Thing didn't give it back until the batteries died (at which point he was upset because he thought he had been purposefully cut off). The dj tried to get it back a few times but no luck. It was hilarious. Picture this guy, early 30's and a husband/dad, going around with this microphone singing along, making up his own words, getting others to sing with him, etc. At one point JT's "Sexy Back" is on and everyone's on the dance floor and he's singing along to every word but every once in a while throws in "Ain't No Party Like a West Coast Party - Whoot, Whoot!". He made me laugh...a lot!
What else about this wedding? Well, I've never seen so much boobage in my life (not true, I've read a few smutty magazines in my time) and especially at the church! These Cinci-tucky girls were wearing dresses cut so low and wide I'm not sure how we didn't see their nipples! The after party was interesting, too, because it was at a dance club. I thought this was a weird choice 'cause you can't hear a thing and no one can chat/visit but whatev. The dance club was stuffed full of girls dressed in early 2000's fashions with limited sophistication and the club primarily played "oldies"! Ok, by oldies I mean a lot of Bon Jovi/Van Halen/Kris Kross/Humpty/way old techno/trance/rave music/etc. Very bizarre experience, especially in comparison to the clubs we have in our hometown.
All in all, though, it was a great time and we have super-fun memories!

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yllwdaisies said...

...cause a West Coast party don't stop! Hey!

That definitely sounds entertaining. I have to say, I was so nervous coming to your wedding b/c I didn't think it would be appropriate to wear thin straps to a church.

Mr. T & I are going to Cinci in Oct & staying at the super-posh Millennium. We think; unless I find something I like better.