Wednesday, June 20, 2007

She's So Vain!

I swear I must be the most vain person I know. Urban Cowboy and I just got our professional wedding picture proofs from the photographer last night and here are the 3 thoughts I keep thinking: 1) our photographer is AMAZING! 2) we are going to make the most beautiful babies! and 3) we take damn good pictures and there are too many nice ones to choose from!

It's true - vanity is one of the 7 deadly sins and I think I better reign this one in a bit so I'm not struck down by lightning as Urban Cowboy and I begin building our formal wedding album.

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yllwdaisies said...

I was saying to one of your bridesmaids that in all the pics I've taken/seen so far, EVERYONE in your whole wedding party (but esp. you & UrbCowboy) looked soooo photogenic!