Thursday, May 31, 2007

I'm moving on...

Today is my last day at the part-time job which allowed me to pay my bills and have fun while attending graduate school. My position has been officially eliminated due to a major upheaval in program administration. I'm ok with it. What I'm NOT ok with, is the fact certain people from the administration are telling others I am leaving voluntarily because I got married. WHAT??!! I am NOT leaving voluntarily - I am being forced out under the phony reason of the department lacks fiscal resources to keep me employed and the real reason of I pissed off my supervisor by disagreeing with her methodology for a particular project (in the end, I was proven right). I am doing my best to rectify the situation by talking with all the gossip-mongers in the department to let them know the real story. Anyway, so since today is my last day I'm trying to stay under the radar a bit to avoid any tension and to avoid being sent home too early. Unemployment paychecks, here I come!

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