Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I'm a 4-Letter Word!

Whew. I feel as though I've been living life in a whirlwind the past few weeks!

Urban Cowboy and I tied the knot on May 12 so we're offically each others family now! I'm a wife!

The wedding was 1000% perfect and I had the most wonderful time. I tried to talk to everyone as much as possible but I also really wanted to dance so it was a tough balance for me! I think Urban Cowboy was able to talk to a lot of people I may have accidentally neglected and I know our parents were helping us to be great hosts! The ceremony was so meaningful and, I have to say, it is a bizarre sensation once you realize you're doing something so personal and private in front of 175 people! I mean, I pledged my life to this man and offered him my heart and soul with everyone important to us watching me! I was a bit unnerved by that aspect. The reception was fabulous and if anyone didn't have a good time it was because they were trying not to! The band was so awesome and fun! I heard the food was good but I didn't eat much of my meal because I was so excited and I just couldn't concentrate enough to eat. By the time the party was over and we went to our hotel room, I am pretty sure I could have eaten a horse!

More later...

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