Thursday, August 10, 2006

Is it all just a money-making scheme?

SO, there was a terror plot thwarted in London today, maybe yesterday due to the time difference. Anyway, now we're not allowed to have any liquids/gels on planes with us (this includes water, toothpaste, hair gook, etc). Immediately, I was incensed and jumped to the conclusion that this terror plot was backed by major companies like Proctor & Gamble and the like. I mean, what better way to increase sales in an already saturated market. You go on vacation, all you pack is clothes and when you get to your destination you are forced to buy all your toiletries. The toiletries you ordinarily have with you from your home. I'm sure it's actually not very probable that major toilitry producing companies funded or encouraged the terror plot but it sure does seem convenient and beneficial for them.

Speaking of the economy (sort-of), yesterday I read an article that stated American's will not change their driving habits enough to warrant a decrease in gas prices. The article cited an economist (I wish I had the link!) who says America can afford $4/gallon for gas. Hmmm...I am troubled by this because I am an American who has changed her driving habits because I cannot afford $4/gallon. I am troubled by this because I see people in my neighborhood (lower middle-class) buying brand new Hummers and Explorers and not bothering to worry about how much it will cost them (financially, environmentally) to fuel their vehicles. The most disturbing part of this, though, is how many American's currently do not have health insurance. I wonder if some of these same people without health insurance are the ones who can afford $4/gallon of gas or a brand new Hummer. I do not have health insurance because I cannot afford it. Some say I can't afford not to. Either way, I'm not covered. So, if American's can afford $4/gallon of gas, why can't more of us afford health insurance?

Think on it.

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