Friday, August 11, 2006

More on the War on Terror

I was thinking about this topic a lot last night because I just couldn't escape it. For obvious reasons, it was the top story on all the news shows. I am now wondering if the bomb threat wasn't actually orchestrated by George Bush & his Wealthy Oil Buddies. Personally, it makes sense to me. As of two days ago (Weds., 8-9) USA Today reported 60% of Americans polled are Anti-Iraq War. With that in mind, it is logical to conclude Bush & his Cronies (who are all in a position to make A LOT of money from our efforts in Iraq) had this terror plot planned and were just waiting for the right moment to bust it out. They probably figured Americans were feeling too complacent and weren't worried enough about terrorism and then, BAM, suddenly a terrorist attack has been thwarted. How convenient for Bush considering the population will once again feel unsafe and will be more willing to support his Iraq War thus depositing more money into his bank account and the bank accounts of his friends. Yes, Mr. Bush, it's very convenient for you, isn't it?

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