Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Last Week

B3 & Iris performing in a rock concert - they're singing "Party Every Day" by KISS.   We taught it to them for NYE and now it seems to be a favorite in the rotation.  They also love to sing "I Love Rock n Roll" by Joan Jett.  hahaha

Iris is potty training!  Check out the awesome sticker chart in the background. Our very talented and very dear friend obliged my request and created it for Iris.  Thanks, Lisa!

One day last week I was trapped on the couch with B3 as he took a slightly unexpected nap. I had a blissful hour snuggled up with my little man and reading a lovely chick lit novel that was both clever and entertaining.

B3 was invited to a friend's birthday party (his first without me or Daddy!) and he drew this card for his friend.

He wrote "Happy Birthday Nora! Love" with is left hand and then he wrote "Bohdan" with his right.  His teacher tells us he does this all the time on all of his school papers.  She said not to worry about it and to actually encourage it.

B3 is definitely an emerging reader; he loves to "read" books by himself now and has begun to actually read various sight words and misc. vocabulary.  He is largely unaware that he can read but it's exciting to watch him learn!

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