Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Husband + Plumbing = New Decorating Opportunity (maybe)

Thanks to our house being 74 years old, Book has had the pleasure (and pain!) of learning how to be a handyman around the house.  Of course, that includes developing some plumbing skills with the help of a useful book on house repairs, a great friend who has mad skills with all things around the house, and youtube videos (lol).  On Monday, Book had the day off work for MLK Jr. day and we vacated the premises so he could work on repairing a leaky pipe that was causing our basement bathroom ceiling to disintegrate.  He fixed the leak in record time (yea!) but not the ceiling because he didn't fix the pipe that fast.  The result?  Now, when we use the basement facilities, we look up and see a hole in the ceiling and newly fixed pipe.  Additionally, the unfinished ceiling has inspired me to consider new looks for the bathroom (looks within a small budget, of course) and now I'm trying to convince Book to entertain the idea of a galvanized steel ceiling and a fun new color on the walls and maybe even a couple funky accents to round it all out.  Right now, I am definitely having difficulty persuading Book to seriously consider the galvanized steel and, I think, unless the new paint color is free (or close to free-haha) that I am going to be out of luck and it's not likely my vision will become reality. I can keep hoping, though.  Here are a couple of pictures of his handy work:

If we did install a galvanized steel ceiling, I think we would have to change out the traditional-style window trim.  Maybe strips of sheet metal?  I don't know I haven't thought that all the way through yet and would need to research cost.  With that hole in the ceiling, now is a perfect time to consider how we might want to change the space and since the previous owners built this bathroom, it could be the perfect time to really make the space ours versus theirs. 

I wish I new how to make the awesome design boards Emily at Jones Design Company or Nicole at Making it Lovely create for their projects...

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