Thursday, February 16, 2012

Genius? Nah.

I cannot tell you how many times I interact with Little Man and think, "wow, he's a genius!"  Case in point: The other day he was telling me about being an astronaut and how there is no gravity in his rocketship.  Wha? Ok, I know he doesn't know what gravity is so conceptually, it falls a little short but he knows that gravity is something and there isn't any in space!  Hello, genius much?  Don't worry folks, I'm quickly crash-landed back to earth and reminded he isn't a genius when the very next day he stands, literally, 4 inches from his potty seat & proceeds to pee his pants and pee all over the floor - all the while calling upstairs to me (where I'm changing Urban Cowbaby's diaper) "Mama, I'm peeing my pants!"  (SIGH)

Speaking of Urban Cowbaby, she's officially crawling now and seems to have simultaneously taught herself to cruise furniture, too.  Eep!  She's not just mobile, she's horizontally & laterally mobile!  Double trouble!  Add to that her super-adventerous, exploratory nature (so unlike Little Man was) and we have a lot of head bumps, chewed paper, illegal toy chewing, etc.  Good thing she's so damned cute and is fairly easy-going because it lessens the stress of managing her mobility while also managing Little Man's play. 

She also learned to do all of the following within 1week: crawl, cruise, wave, clap, and blow raspberries.  Whew.  She should be exhausted but her 2 newest teeth have kept her (and us) up at nights and she seems to scoff at the idea of naps unless we work really hard at it.  We, as parents, wholly believe in and selfishly appreciate naps, though, so we really do work hard to get her to regularly nap.  On good days, I can even get her nap at the same time as Little Man which allows me a bit of time to clean or do laundry or read or whatever.

Urban Cowboy has begun training for his next major running endeavor.  He's going to run an Ultra-Marathon in September.  What is that, you ask?  He's going to run for 24 hours (straight) and the idea is to run the most possible miles in that amount of time.  Yes, I did marry a crazy man.

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