Thursday, March 24, 2011

Truly Random & Misc.

The 2nd round of pregnancy nesting has begun to rear its ugly head!  Yesterday alone I decided it was time to get back into the swing of things and really utilize Urban Cowbaby's 2nd nap to get stuff done.  I sewed 2 t-shirt bags and a cover for my sewing machine.  I also reorganized my office supplies and was able to condense/clean out the bins a bit and now only have 1 bin & a few decorative baskets vs. 2 bins and the decorative baskets.  While I was working on that I realized I could absolutely condense my stationary/papergoods into one box and so have that on the agenda for tomorrow's naps.  And I did all this while also getting some laundry done.  Go me!
I've decided my job is like a boyfriend you're not sure you want to keep around ... you know what I'm talking about - some days/weeks it's all going along fine and you're, like, "oh, boyfriend/job, I love you and want to be with you" and then, bam!, other days/weeks something occurs to make you question everything about the relationship and where you see yourself and it in a year(+) but you're not quite ready to pull the trigger and say, "die, relationship, die!" so you stick around to wait for the next "nice" period while you wonder if it's meant to be or not.  (SIGH)
I recently discovered the reason why I did not like thigh-high pantyhose is because I've been wearing the wrong size!  Apparently, and I guess this is likely to be obvious to everyone but me, if you have the right size on they're actually comfortable and even (dare I say it?) likeable!  Now I know why L prefers them over regular 'hose.  That said, this discovery was also accompanied by admitting defeat & acknowledging what I've known but fought since jr. high times ... I have fat thighs.
Urban Cowbaby had his first in-public temper tantrum.  We're talking the works: crying, lying on the floor, refusing to move from the spot he was in, announcing to the world that he was "biting" which was followed by him biting himself and attempting to bite me.  It was slightly stressful, I have to say.  But, my mom was with us and she kind-of helped by allowing me to walk away while she stayed nearby.  Once he realized I wasn't paying attention to his antics, he quit the tantrum and moved on to something else.  I guess we're getting closer and closer to 2, right.  LOL

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