Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Whiteys Rule the Rightys?

I wonder if there is a way for the population of the state to rally and demonstrate displeasure over today's Cleveland Plain Dealer Headline regarding our new Gov.'s Cabinet:

"Ohio Gov. John Kasich's 20 Cabinet appointments so far lack diversity"

According to the article his Cabinet composition is the first to not include any racial minorities since 1962.  That's right, all the Gov.'s between 196? and 2009 have included African-American or Hispanic or Pacific Islander, etc., individuals but not this guy's.  Apparently, John Kasich doesn't know any qualified or competent individiuals who aren't White.  Interesting and sad.

Now, I'm going to tell you that I'm the first to admit that since the advent of Urban Cowbaby I've not been too "in the know" in political matters these days.  I'm more "in the know" about nursing babies and wearing them and what a normal poop is.  So, as a person not too "in the know" regarding politics I'm trying to not be all up on a soapbox here.  That said, I do find it absolutely appalling that I live in a "progressive" country that is considered a "world super-power" and it's 2010 and in my home state the Gov. has not selected a single Cabinet member that is also a racial minority.  What does this say about this man who is an elected official?  And, as a population, if we don't speak out and voice our displeasure, what does it say about us and what we'll allow at this point in our state's history?

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