Monday, January 31, 2011

UB2 - debuting in June

Some of you don't know that Urban Cowboy and I are expecting a second baby so...SURPRISE! 
If you did know, you haven't seen the baby yet and so...TAH-DAH!
The 2nd picture is of the baby touching its head with its foot!  This picture was taken just before I got a good, swift kick as the baby protested being poked and prodded. 

Our official due date is June 12, 2011 and Urban Cowbaby's birthday is June 11, 2009.  
Yes, Urban Cowboy and I are wholly aware that we're absoutely crazy!
Yet, millions of parents do it (and more!) everywhere, everyday, so we're confident we can handle it.

Tomorrow I will tell my boss about UB2.  I'm sure she knows but I've not officially delivered the news and now, at 21 weeks, it seems a bit unavoidable due to my undeniable baby bump and need to transition into my maternity wardrobe.  If you're wondering why I waited so long to tell, well, it's because I'm not really expecting her to be "over the moon" considering the impact it will have on our office and I'm going to request a non-medical leave of absence to extend my time home with baby and I'm not entirely sure how that's going to be received and processed.

If  you had been wondering what's new with us, I guess this is the big recent thing.  UB2 and the kitchen renovation but, really, the kitchen project is a whole other post and it's not nearly as exciting or fun as sharing news about a new baby.

Happy Monday!

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