Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Question of the Day

What would you do? The baby needs to come home in something. I'm pretty sure they will not let me leave the hospital with the baby dressed only in a diaper. ** We have 2 outfits picked out to bring the baby home in. ** One is a boy outfit and the other is a girl outfit. I am debating the logic of this now, though, because before the baby wears the outfit I want to wash it. If I wash both, I won't be able to return the outfit that doesn't apply. These are very, very gender specific-themed outfits. So, do I scrap the whole coming home in a gender-specific outfit plan or do I just wash both and suck up the financial loss?

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yllwdaisies said...

I would just do a gender neutral outfit.

2 reasons:
- babies are born in their "birthday suits". God just gives us the child, we really aren't meant to know the gender until it comes. Only recently, I think, have gender specific newborn clothes come about. Therefore, I think it's more "classic" (traditional, throwback, etc.) to pick an outfit that doesn't speak to either gender. I know it doesn't matter to you what the sex of the baby is, only that it is a healthy, happy child. The gender-neutral outfit will say that!

- I'm a Taurus, & Taureans are practical. Plus, I'm very frugal.