Friday, May 15, 2009


Currently, we have 20 Kissaluvs (size 0 - aka KL0s) fitted cloth diapers for Urban Cowbaby, 2 Thirsties covers (xs) and 2 Prowraps (nb). According to my extensive research on this topic we should be able to get away with only washing diapers every other day with this amount; however, newborns aren't exactly 100% predictable in the number of times they will wet/poo their diapers so we're aware there's a good chance we'll be doing a load of diaper laundry a day. Of course, we're also well aware that we may have to supplement our supply with either 1) additional KL0s which are a tiny bit expensive or 2) newborn chlorine-free disposable diapers - luckily we got some of those at one of the lovely baby showers hosted for us. Certainly, our hope is that we'll be able to exclusively cloth diaper but we're also trying to be realistic about how things might work out. Especially when I return to work because some child care providers will not cloth diaper at all. Additionally, we're not sure what direction we're going to go once Urban Cowbaby outgrows the KL0s which will be around 12 pounds. I am exploring other cloth diapering options including next stage fitteds/covers and all-in-ones. I know a lot of people really like their pocket cloth diapers but I'm not sure how I feel about the extra laundry step of always having to actually stuff the pockets. Ironically, I hate doing the laundry (particularly, putting it away) so this cloth diapering lifestyle is going to require adjustments on a lot of levels for us as a family! LOL I'm confident in the KL0s for the beginning stages, though, and am excited because 1) we will be minimizing our baby's exposure to yucky chemicals (some are linked with crazy cancers or future reproductive problems!) and 2) I will be helping the environment by reducing the amount of waste our family generates for the landfills and 3) we will be saving money - especially if we choose to have another child. I'm sure I'll keep you updated on how cloth diapering is working out for our family!

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