Thursday, March 26, 2009

They left pregnant and returned parents

Our birthing class is officially over. I'm pretty bummed about this because I really liked the weekly meetings and the pseudo-support group created by 12 weeks of hanging out with people who are also expectant parents. That said, I'm also kind-of glad because we now have our Weds. nights back and that gives us a bit more breathing room in our already really busy schedule.

Last night, some former classmates of ours returned to share their birth story and it is a doozy! First, I have to preface this with the fact that these new parents practiced NFP for a long time before they TTC. And, they're accountants so they were pretty confident in their calculations regarding the due date but their midwife disagreed. Long story short, they believed they were due in mid-April while their midwife believed they were due mid-March. In the end, their baby girl came on March 5 ... 10 days before the midwife's prediction!
So, there they are believing the kid is going to arrive in mid-April and on March 5 her water breaks - movie style! I don't know if you know this, but most women don't actually experience a gush of water when their bag of waters breaks - in fact, most women have their bag broken by a medical professional or by the baby as the baby is pushed out. If a woman does experience water breaking on its own, it's usually only a trickle. This chic got the full-on movie style gush, though, and was at work! She was soaked to the knees and dripping amniotic fluid onto her cubicle floor! Eegats! She is also beginning to experience stronger contractions and calls her husband, her midwife, and our birthing class instructor. Her husband tried to "bargain" with her and asked if she could just make it through the rest of the work day! How funny is that!? In the end she went and picked him up from work (they carpool) and instead of going to the hospital, (they thought they had plenty of time) they go home to pack the bag, rest, eat, and labor at home as long as possible. Well, I guess that wasn't really too long because not long after they got home she began to feel as though she had to to push! Her husband was, like, no - don't push yet! And they decided to go to the hospital immediately. She rode in the backseat on all fours because that was the only position she felt comfortable in! By the time they got to the hospital she was sure she could feel the baby's head and her husband ran into the ER to get some staff to help. By the time the ER staff arrived at the car the baby's head was already half out! Basically, the wife birthed the kid on her own and the ER staff just needed to help her get the kid the rest of the way out! Wild, right! That kid is going to want to hear her birth story over and over because it's so exciting and not the norm! I mean, she was born in the back of a Corolla! LOL

Certainly, I do not expect Urban Cowbaby's birth story to be so exciting nor do I expect I'll be fortunate enough to go into labor and give birth 3 hours later! That little baby girl sure is cute, though, and it was awesome of them to come in and share their story and post-partum experiences with us.

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