Tuesday, March 31, 2009

One Tree Hill - Final Five

Rumor has it that One Tree Hill may not be renewed for its 7th season. Word-on-the-street is Chad Michael Murray is leaving and , honestly, I really can't see the show going on without Lucas Scott. Normally, you would think I would be upset at the idea of OTH not being renewed for another season but I'm going to surprise you and tell you that I'm not upset about it at all. This 6th season has been mediocre with some episodes being dead-on and true to OTH's roots while other episodes have been ridiculous or completely lame. Peyton getting pregnant and then experiencing a ton of problems with the pregnancy, combined with Brooke's "super-mommy" to a 15 year old status, have left me feeling empty. Nathan and Lucas have been about as boring as can be this season and how is it that Haley continues to dress more and more inappropriately as a high school teacher? She never even dressed inappropriately as a high school student! It's so out-of-character. So, basically, I feel like I'm getting over the whole OTH thing. I love watching the previous seasons and I definitely plan to own season 4 but I'm not too sure I need to own seasons 5-6 since I haven't enjoyed them too much. If it is put to bed now, it will be good timing because I feel they've lost direction and they've lost touch with who the characters really are and aspire to be.

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