Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Oh jeez

Urban Cowbaby seems to suddenly like to be awake and really active at night ... you know, like at night when I'm trying to sleep. Last night, I'm pretty sure Urban Cowbaby invited a few peeps into the womb to liven it up a bit and to party like a rock stars until the wee hours of the morning. I sure hope she/he had a rocking good time because all that party action tired me out and I had to break down today and drink an iced tea from the vending machine. Ah, the joys of an occasional caffeine jolt.

Anyhoo, what I'm hoping is that this "be awake and active at night" gig is a temporary thing and not indicative of the kid's infancy or I will be one cranky mama. We can't have our days/nights reversed - everyone around me would suffer, mostly Urban Cowboy!

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stephanie said...

Last night meatball decided to wait till mommy went to bed at 1am (finally, after painting all night) to change his/her position and get comfy again. What a nice little process. At least he is gentler with me these days and not kicking my cervix in. I think he was trying to escape and then finally realized he can't so he gave up. But, i finally fell asleep around 2. Needless to say, work is hard today. ;)
it still all makes me smile. I'd rather feel him in there at 1am then to not feel him at all.