Thursday, December 04, 2008

Update on "In Other News"

Urban Cowboy's professional carpenter brother finished our family room molding on Saturday! In one day! It looks amazing! I mean, REALLY AMAZING! Yes, the guy is a professional so, of course, it's going to look good but I really didn't expect to be blown away by the superior, highest quality craftmanship he put into the job! You can't tell that the ceiling is wavy (previous owners, blah) because he did such a great job. The trim around the windows is beautiful and perfect. The corner piece is so well done it looks as though it's always been there even though it needs painted. He just did such a great job! I guess if you don't live there, you wouldn't notice the tremendous improvement from what it used to look like but Urban Cowboy and I DO live there so we notice and we love to sit down there and just admire his brother's handywork. Now, I just have to paint it (not too fun since it's already on the wall/ceiling) and the room will officially be finished! Exciting, right!

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