Friday, November 07, 2008

Speaking of Dogs

Ok, so ever since Obama has been announce as President-elect I've been reading a lot of mini-headlines speculating over the type of dog the Obama's will choose ... "Who will be the next White House canine?" ... "Past White House dogs - what will the Obama's choose?" ... etc. So, I've been thinking about this and I have to admit that this speculation flat-out annoys me. One, who cares what kind of do they will bring into the White House? Two, what if they don't want a dog at all. Not all families are dog families! Some families like fish or parrots or cats or (GASP) no pets at all! Is it a requirement for the White House to have a dog as a mascot? Don't they have guard dogs and aren't they mascot enough? Don't get me wrong, I love dogs. I love to pet and snuggle with other people's dogs for a very limited amount of time. I thought the first Bush family had a very cute dog and I even liked the name they chose. BUT I really don't think it's "newsworthy" to speculate on the Obama's potential dog choice nor do I think it's necessary for them to even own a dog if they don't want to.

A side note: Remember when I was telling you about college president's wife feeding her dogs with a fork? Check out this post to refresh your memory. Well, yesterday I saw her with her dogs and they were in a STROLLER. Not a baby stroller, mind you. A stroller that was clearly specifically designed for dogs. Wow. These are grown dogs she owns, too, not little puppies that get tired after a few minutes. AND when I asked my co-worker if she saw what I saw she added that it's rumored the college president's wife has also trained her little dogs to use a kitty litter box for bathroom purposes rather than taking them outside. Why? Well, to each their own and I guess she just really, really, really loves her pets.

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yllwdaisies said...

Back in Aug (I think), when campaigning, he had said in an interview w/ the whole fam that he promised the girls a dog after the campaign was over, win or lose. B/c the whole fam sacrificed a lot during the campaign process. Then, in his speech election night, he said to the girls that they're getting the dog. The next day, he revealed that it's not as easy a task cause one of the girls is allergic.

Ppl have been caught up in this whole campaign/election on a lot of things that are not as noteworthy. But I think it's b/c it lightens up what seems to be a dark period of our nation right now :(

& you've GOT to be kidding!!! Pls, pls, please take a pic one day. You can always put a black box over her face, if you post it on here.