Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Busy Life

How cute were our Halloween pumpkins this year? Usually, Urban Cowboy does a scary/mean faced pumpkin but he must have been feeling whimsical the night we carved them because his is all cute. And, yes, we are that dorky and carved one with a heart and our initials! We're in love, I'm not ashamed. :-)
Saturday we went to our first ever Progressive Dinner. It was sponsored by our church so we spent the entire night meeting and hanging out with church people. It was a great experience for a lot of reasons but my favorite part of the night was actually conversing with people I normally only see across the aisle on Sundays and learning more about them and their lives. I felt like we really made steps toward becoming an active part of our church community. The second best part of the night was the food. YummY! We had appetizers at one house (Urban Cowboy and I provided Mediterranean-themed appetizers) and dinner at another (so, so, so good - Tunisian chicken, vegetable curry something, stuffed grape leaves, etc...) and we ended at a final house for dessert. It was a great time!
I hope everyone is enjoying their 1st week of November. I already voted last Thursday (absentee, long story...lost SS# card...need new DL...don't ask) and Urban Cowboy voted this morning. He had to wait in line for a 1/2 hour even though he got there right at 6:30am! Work is crazy this week because it's Fall Career Week and our programming is off the hook. We've already seen record numbers for attendance to our presentations and anticipate a big crowd for the Career & Internship Expo on Thursday night. I am working long, long hours today through Thursday so I imagine I'm going to be feeling pretty tired come Friday.

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