Thursday, November 20, 2008

In Other News

Unfortunately, Urban Cowboy's brother was recently laid off. This happens to him occasionally because he's a professional, union carpenter. It's unfortunate for him but is turning out to be good for us because Urban Cowboy has hired him (yes, we are paying him a fair wage PLUS we're providing him with beer) to replace the ceiling molding in our family room (which is a converted basement). The house's previous owners "slapped" the room together to make it look like a used work-out space. We have been slowly but surely making improvements such as paint, wall-to-wall carpet, updated cable/antenna lines, tiled section of the floor, etc. One of the remaining items on the family room "to-do" list has been the molding. It will be so wonderful when it's done, though. Urban Cowboy's brother's specialty is finish work and I'm excited to see the room when he's done. We have 3 windows down there that will prove to be challenging due to the way the previous owner "finished" them and I know Urban Cowboy's brother has some great ideas for how to work with what's there and improve it. He tried to tell us we didn't need to pay him but that's ridiculous. He needs the money and if we didn't pay him, we'd probably be paying someone else to fix it later after Urban Cowboy and I messed it up. We'd rather our money go to family. :-) So, stay tuned for updates because I'm sure the finished product will be one to brag about!

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