Thursday, October 16, 2008

Random Work Exchange

So, I recently learned that one of the major projects I was working on since our director left is a dead project. There is nothing more to be done and now I'm left with a bit of extra time on my hands at work which sometimes leads me to pondering the misc. Here is an email exchange from work today...

TO: Co-Worker/Friend

So, apparently I’m having trouble drinking today because I just choked a bit on my water (for, like, the 10th time today)…anyway, that got me thinking about if I really were choking and I was just sitting alone at my desk – how would I get saved? I guess I would first slam myself into the back edge of one my office chairs (not the rolling one, obviously) and if that didn’t save me I guess I would have to stagger out into the open area gesturing the official, international “I’m Choking” sign and hope that someone notice. But then I worry, what if someone who doesn’t like me noticed and chose to do nothing…how long do I have to stagger further from my office and closer to help? Deep thoughts, man.

FROM: Co-Worker/Friend

LOL. I’m just down the hall and so is (other co-worker), so there are two people who would notice right away if you came staggering out of your office and we like you, so as long as I wasn’t with a student, I would be able to help you. Course, it’s been a long time since I learned the Heimlich.

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