Monday, September 29, 2008

Nervous for Thursday

Thursday is going to be a big day for me. I am finally having my wisdom teeth, all 4, removed. I have never been under general anesthesia before so I am experiencing some anxiety over this because I really have no idea what to expect. Everyone tells me I will be "asleep" and when I wake up I will feel as though only 2 minutes have passed; I won't feel like it's been 1.25 hours which is how long the surgeon said it will take him. Too, I'm feeling anxious about the recovery. I have heard many stories of dry socket, a condition I am desperate to avoid, and major swelling and bruising. I am also a bit nervous about being hungry while recovering. I'm not a happy, sweet person when I'm hungry. I'm a cranky, salty bitch. Urban Cowboy and I stocked up on soup and pudding and jell-o when we went grocery shopping yesterday so, truly, I should be ok. I know getting my wisdom teeth out now is a good thing to do and that I'll be happy I did it but knowing that now is not making me any less nervous for Thursday!


yllwdaisies said...

Don't forget ice cream.

Really? Asleep? I remember watching the whole thing happen (I think?). Now, I'm not sure. I had swelling & was all excited cause I thought I was going to get the "special" Tylenol w/ codeine that I'd heard so much about. But, nope. He told me to just pick up reg. Tylenol at the store on my way home!

ExpressionsPhotog said...

I didn't mind having mine out at all. They had to put an IV in my hand since the weekend before I had one in my arm. They had me count and I remember just counting and then the nurse saying they were done. There wasn't even two minutes. It was one then the other.

Recovery was actually a pretty speedy process. I had plenty of pain meds and I took them when I felt I needed them. They had to cut all of mine out... none had even started poking through.

I actually took out two of the sutures myself because they were bothering me and were almost out anyway. So, I thought it was a pretty easy process.

Now I'm facing potential gallbladder problems and THAT scares me...