Friday, September 26, 2008


Last night Urban Cowboy and I took one of his NYC co-workers out for dinner. The night before he had gone out with some other co-workers and was disappointed (frankly, knowing where they went, I would have been disappointed, too) so Urban Cowboy wanted to prove to him that we have good food in our city. We went to Luxe, a place we've been wanting to try since it opened. It continues to get good reviews for unique drinks, good food, good service, and a cool atmosphere. I'm going to give this place a 2nd try but, I gotta tell ya, I wasn't wholly satisfied with our 1st experience. A few lowlights: 1) we ordered a quail appetizer and I'm at a disadvantage because I've never had quail before this but I thought the quail was flavorless and dry, 2) the chicken Urban Cowboy ordered was strictly mediocre and they forgot to dress the plate with the pesto aioli sauce which was supposed to be the primary feature of the dish - also, his broccolini was completely overcooked, 3) our food arrived before our server had the opportunity to open and pour our wine. A few highlights: 1) my dinner was fantastic, particularly the red wine sauce and roasted onion, 2) Urban Cowboy's co-worker had a wonderful rice pilaf with cherries - it was delicious, 3) the Fire & Ice dessert (molten chocolate lava cake with cayenne ganache and peppermint ice cream on top) was truly note worthy.
As I said before, I definitely want to give this place a 2nd try because I want to believe they are the next great place.


yllwdaisies said...

I'm happy to accompany you on your next visit there.

You know.... for the sake of science.

Urban Cowgirl said...

For the sake of science, I think it's necessary we conduct a thorough experiment regarding the consistency of quality of food and service. What's the definition of control group? Would that be the category you fall into? :-)

yllwdaisies said...

oh, yes! Please put me in the control group. We'll have to come up w/ ppl we don't like for the placebo group :)