Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tap This, biatches

Last night I had a Pisces night out. We went to a new place that got decent write-ups on a fairly well-known local food blog and we were interested to try it out. Well, I'm going to tell you sucked! The Happy Hour prices were not happy and the Happy Hour selections were severely limited. Worse? The place doesn't even have their wine license yet so I was forced to drink a Cosmo made by a bartender whom I did not trust to do a good job. (The best Cosmo's in the city are still made by Dizi and Ducky.) So, we had food, too, and the pretzle we mediocre at best and the cheese dipping sauce was lackluster. It was supposed to be an Imperial Stout Cheddar cheese dip but there wasn't much Imperial Stout flavoring and it was cold and lumpy. I ordered the burger/fries plate and it was obvious the fries were frozen and deep-fried which they attempted to pass off as hand-cut. Lucky for them they don't advertise hand-cut fries but I was annoyed at their effort to disguise the frozen status of the fries. The burger was huge but size isn't everything all the time. The cheese they used for the burger was white cheddar and an unknown that I'm hesitant to identify but think it might have been asiago or some similar tasting cheese. The end result was a very salty burger which sort-of ruined the whole ensemble. One of us did order the salmon blt, however, and she said it was pretty good so maybe I just got the wrong dinner. Now, regardless of the food I could never recommend this place based on the service. It was deplorable! The server acted as thought we (her customers!) were a huge inconvenience and, honestly, I thought she was a total bitch to us. Here's the thing, I'm a great customer if you're a great server. I love to be nice to the hard-working folks who make a living in food service. I enjoy positive interaction between me and a good server so don't think I'm a huge problem customer that all servers hate to wait on. I'm not. (Although, I do expect good service and I'm pretty transparent when I don't receive it) That said, I just have to say our server was a jerk to us from the minute she came to our table. She did two nice/decent things for us: 1) she made my friend a great, spicy Bloody Mary and 2) she processed our bill with no complaints - we split it 3 ways, but not equally. All in all, if any of my other friends/family/random strangers asked if I would recommend this place to them I would tell them no way and I would actually attempt to persuade them from going!

PS I'm not giving the full name of the place so if you're in my town and you want to know where I'm talking about, I'll tell you off-line.

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