Thursday, July 24, 2008

Staycation #2

I had a few days off again because I had to finish using up my vaction days or I was going to lose them. My boss is awesome and we worked it so I could take days off without being too stressed about an upcoming training I am organizing and leading. I even managed to be stress free until Tuesday night when I began feeling anxious about the amount of work I had waiting for me on Wednesday morning. I was pretty productive while on my staycation. I need to take a few pictures to show you but here's what I did on this staycation:
1) I sewed myself a skirt for work! L had given me this beautiful paisely print fabric over a year ago and I hadn't gotten around to doing anything with it until now. It's a great paisely because it has pinks and blues and greens and orange in it so it's super-colorful and summery! Anyhoo, last week I was feeling desperate because I hadn't made the skirt yet and I was talking all sorts of excuses to myself like no time or lack of appropriate sewing skill level. Finally, I took the fabric/pattern down the street to the local sewing shop (mom & pop kind-of place) to ask if they knew anyone who I could pay to make it and the following happened: the lady looked at the pattern and stopped just short of laughing at me for even considering paying someone to make such a simple skirt. Yep, she mocked me. Consequently, I walked out of there feeling pretty fired up and inspired to prove to that lady that I could sew this skirt, so there! By Friday afternoon I had run out of distracting tasks and excuses and began to sew the skirt. I worked for 4 hours on Friday and 4 hours on Monday (if that lady or my mom had been sewing it they would have only spent, like 4 hours total) and, voila!, the skirt is done! I wore it to work yesterday and received compliments on it without even telling people I made it! Cool, right! It's pretty good, too. Just don't look at the inside because there's a few spots where I obviously wasn't being as neat as I should have been and, after wearing it, I discovered I do have to correct a hemming issue I wasn't previously aware of. That aside, I'm totally stoked and proud of myself because it was my first-ever solo garment project! Woohoo!
2) Feeling pretty crafty after the skirt success, I moved to project front door decoration and replicated a front door decoration I had read about on a discussion board I visit. It turned out great and now I have something for the front door for each season. I guess that sounds totally lame and domestic, really. I mean, who cares if you have seasonal decorations on your front door? Ah, I guess that's my mom coming out in me - she decorates for each season and she even puts out extra stuff for each holiday!
Pics to come soon!

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yllwdaisies (aka "D") said...

I saw the cool skirt; it does look professionally made.

I can't wait to see the front door decorations!