Monday, June 09, 2008

Lawns, Porches, & Patios

Hopefully the 40* & rainy weather of May is finally gone and Mother Nature will see fit to allow us to enjoy 80* and sunny days in June. This weekend was the first weekend we've had to really get out and enjoy some fabulous, summer-like weather. It was a real treat! We spent all day Saturday working in the yard cutting the grass, weeding the flowerbeds, cleaning the driveway and garage, etc.

Did we purchase a lawn mower yet? Yep. Are you wondering how the new lawn mower worked? Yep? Well, let me tell you - it did a great job! Urban Cowboy was incredibly skeptical about how easy it would be to cut the grass and he was not too sure the grass would look good when we were done but he's since been converted to an official push/reel mower fan! The experienced positives: 1) it's really quiet - you can actually have a conversation with someone while mowing your lawn, 2) no muss/no fuss - you simply begin pushing it on your lawn and you didn't have to pump the choke, pull a cord, check the gas, etc., 3) there is no grass catch bag to empty, 4) height adjustment is really easy so I was able to lower the blade height for the lawn edges and it wasn't a problem at all, 5) I got some great exercise using it but it wasn't nearly as difficult to push as the reviewers said it would be - the exercise was simply because it wasn't self-propelled, not because it was particularly difficult to push and cut the grass, 6) it hangs on our garage wall and uses no floor space which is awesome because we have seriously limited storage space for our outdoor equipment! Ok, so the experienced negatives: 1) it's difficult to properly get the edges where our flowerbeds meet the lawn but that's easily fixed with the purchase of an electric trimmer which we need anyway, 2) you do need to go over some of the thicker sections of the lawn more than once. All in all, I would qualify our new lawnmower experience as a total success!

I think I am obsessed with hanging out on porches and patios. I actually choose to not go to specific locations if I know there is no porch or patio to enjoy. It's true - I'm a total porch and patio snob. Yeah, I know, add it to the long list of things I'm a snob about. Seriously, though, I love our porch and Urban Cowboy and I eat every meal out there because it's just so relaxing. The fresh air, the view of our nice lawn, being surrounded by plants - it's just really nice. When we go out to eat, I love to eat on the patio because it's just more fun. You can people watch, you can soak up some sun, people feel more free to randomly chat you up, the breeze feels good while sipping on a glass of nice wine - it's just really nice. I know where my obsession stems from, though. It's because I love all the seasons and I like to enjoy them to their fullest and summer is meant to be spent outdoors! We're cooped up inside from October through April (sometimes through May) and that's a long time! The second the weather breaks I feel free and the need to refresh myself is overwhelming! Thus, my genuine love for porches and patios and all things associated with being outdoors as much as possible while the weather allows us to be out!

By the way, a few weeks ago I told my work friends that this winter seemed like the longest ever (yes, an exaggeration but it really did feel like it went on and on) so I am making an conscious effort to not complain about the hot summer weather or muggy days (even though my hair perpetually looks like crap due to the high humidity). I am making a conscious effort to just appreciate every moment of the nice weather and to think of my potential discomfort from the heat as a blessing because soon enough I will be bundled in a winter coat and boots sludging through a foot of snow!

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yllwdaisies (aka "D") said...

Guess what? Another friend of ours is also gonna buy a reel mower & she's super excited about it too!

Yeah, I'm sick of ppl who're complaining about heat & humidity. I can relate to the hair though.